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Straight Men Are A Whole Lot More Bisexual Than You Possibly Might Think

Pornhub recently released information on the most effective porn searches broken down by sex. The study found “gay male porn” while the 2nd greatest searched subject by right females. This begs the concern: how about straight dudes? Just how many of those are also taking a look at man-on-man porn? And just exactly just what may be their motivations for doing this?

Being the wondering gays we are, we made a decision to dig just a little much deeper, scouring the web for clues. And that which we discovered is, well, astonishing. Evidently it is not just the women whom choose two dicks inside their porn. Self-professed straight males enjoy it, too.

We recently reported regarding the growing amount of heterosexual males who possess started freely adopting eating that is booty both as givers and receivers. Anilingus is just a behavior which includes, historically, been related to men that are gay. So how did these right guys have the concept to own their very own butts consumed? And where did the skills are learned by them and methods taking part in performing a rim task? The apparent response: Gay porn.

Inside our research, we discovered that right males don’t simply view porn that is gay intercourse guidelines. In addition they watch it to obtain off. Yesterday now, we weren’t born. Everyone can state they’re heterosexual, and a lot of homosexual dudes on the most popular hookup web web sites pretend to “Str8” and “just in search of a quickie even though the GF is outta city.