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Can there be thing that is such an ideal dating app profile photo?

In accordance with Hinge, the solution is just a resounding “yes.”

Armed with 35 unique picture tags ( ag e.g., smiling with or without teeth; hair up vs. locks down), Hinge information experts analyzed a random sampling of 1,000 Member profile pictures to see which mix of requirements attained probably the most likes and which dropped flat. Have a look at outcomes below and begin deleting those selfies, stat. To arrive as top performers in Hinge’s profile image research had been pictures featuring sports or tasks (the research included watching a displaying event in this category) and “enjoying per night out,” which ranged from pictures of buddies at a restaurant to keeping a glass or two at a club.

Scoring lowest had been photos of men and women (both women and men) in sunglasses and pictures that highlighted Snapchat filters that obstruct the facial skin, including the“dog face” that is infamous filter.