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71 opinions for “Ask Unclutterer: just exactly What can I do with old journals? ”

Then toss the cluttering journal volumes themselves if it is the text you want to preserve, why not scan the pages in you want to keep and?

We state have them. All in our 20s-30s) a box full of old letters she and my dad wrote when they were courting for Christmas this year, my mother gave each of us kids ( we’re. She included material from their twelfth grade times and beginning when these were hitched. It’s been amazing to stay and read these plain things and had been one of the better gifts I’ve ever received. Therefore, also down the road, I’m guessing your children or your family will if you don’t have a desire to read them.

We came to suggest scanning them aswell. You are able to have them in a tiny room, and password safeguarded too.

I didn’t want my husband or my children to ever read my old journals, I went through and read them one last time when I realized. In the place of burning them, I ripped down pages and fed them to your shredder. As every page had been ripped to bits we felt more and more free.